Salem City Sheriff: “Accreditation For Our Citizens”

As a follow-up to yesterday’s article concerning the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office need for accreditation, The Pulaski Star spoke via email with Salem City Sheriff Eric Atkins.

“Accreditation is responsible for taking our office to another level of professionalism and accountability,” Atkins said in his statement.

Atkins said Salem City regularly maintains its accreditation. “We were first accredited in 2005 and have been reaccredited three times since. Meeting the professional standards has now become second hand to us.”

Atkins says accreditation is well worth the effort. “The benefits of the networking opportunities with our sister law enforcement agencies around the Commonwealth provided through accreditation has been immeasurable.”

Atkins also gave advice to any agency seeking accreditation. “I would say to any law enforcement CEO, don’t be nervous about the accreditation standards. They are actually there to support as well as protect you.”

Atkins says accreditation requires extra effort but is in the best interests of the community. “Accreditation does take some time, energy, and resources. However, we’re not engaged in the accreditation effort for ourselves. We do it for our citizens.”

This is strong evidence that the next Pulaski County Sheriff would serve the local community well by pursuing accreditation.