In God We Trust: Supervisors Support Motto

In God We Trust

In Monday’s meeting, the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution “supporting the right to display the national motto ‘In God We Trust'” in the Board chambers and in the County Administration building.

The resolution states “in both war and peace, these words have been a profound source of strength and guidance to many generations of Americans.”

It also says “the County desires to confirm our right to display this patriotic motto in the Supervisorial Chambers or in the County Administration Building as a way to solemnize public occasions and express confidence in our society.”

The Pulaski Star contacted Board member Joe Guthrie about why the Board passed the resolution.

“‘In God We Trust’ is the national motto,” Guthrie said in a statement to the Star. “It appears in many places at the national government level, such as on buildings and on US currency. It is also frequently displayed in other government buildings at the state and local level throughout the United States.”

“It is appropriate, therefore, that it would appear on our county government building as well, since the work the county government does for the people of Pulaski County is an integral part of American government,” Guthrie continued. “It is good for us in local government to reflect upon the vital role we have in American democracy, and the responsibilities and limitations of government set forth for us by the Constitution of the United States. Having the motto of the United States displayed at the County Administration Building can help us to do that.”

Guthrie said the timing of the resolution didn’t have a connection with national/local events.

“The timing of this resolution and the events in Charlottesville and elsewhere is coincidental,” Guthrie said. “This resolution has been under consideration for several months. County staff researched the motto, did due diligence on its legality and appropriateness to display in the county building, sought input from citizen groups such as the ministerial association, crafted a well-worded resolution, and then presented it to the board at the next public meeting, which was last night.”