Yard Signs Won’t Decide My Vote For Pulaski Sheriff

Yard Signs

If you’re a citizen of Pulaski County, you can’t drive more than a quarter-mile stretch without seeing them. Yard signs for the four candidates in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s race are everywhere.

How effective are signs like these in swaying a voter’s opinion in elections? The results are insignificant, according to most political studies.

I haven’t yet decided which candidate I will vote for in November, but yard signs don’t matter to me, either. What does matter?

All four candidates have law enforcement experience, but law enforcement experience alone doesn’t qualify someone for the position of Sheriff.

I want to know about their ability to lead and manage a law enforcement agency, and most importantly, their plans for crime prevention and enforcement in Pulaski County.

Voters deserve to hear the candidates’ plans for the office through some type of public forum, whether they speak at a public event or speak through videos posted online. Silence is inexcusable, and comes across to voters as uncaring.

It doesn’t matter if these men WANT to speak through these mediums–they’re OBLIGATED to do so. They chose to run for public office, and if they expect citizens to vote for them, the citizens deserve to hear from them.

No matter which way the candidate broadcasts their message, it should be accessible to anyone who wants to listen in the entire county.

Going door to door is fine, but there’s no way each candidate can reach a majority of citizens before the election. Written statements are limited in their value to voters and they’re no substitute for hearing them in the person’s own voice.

I’m still in the process of making a decision for who I’ll vote for as the next Sheriff of Pulaski County. But I’m watching closely to see who makes an effort to earn my vote by giving me publicly spoken reasons why I should vote for them.

If I see a candidate who puts up yard signs and makes little or no effort to reach out to me in any other way, my decision will be easier. I won’t be voting for that type of candidate, and I strongly advise you not to, either.

Yard signs and newspapers can’t talk–they won’t tell you which of these four men is the best. Listening to them speak will help you judge their true characters, for better or worse.

Your vote is valuable, and you should give it to the candidate who you feel will be the best Sheriff of Pulaski County.

Give that vote to a candidate who’s willing to make every effort to earn it. If they’re going all-out to earn your vote by taking every opportunity to speak about why they deserve it, it’s a good indication that they’re going to go all-out in serving you as Sheriff, also.